Do you Yearn to Feel Like a Vibrant Juicy Woman?

Radiant Feminine  Retreat Bali

14th-20th May 2018

With Sonja Shradha Devi and Christina Covington


and learn the ancient energy cultivation secrets of Ayurveda and Tao Tantra for women

When women learn to have a beautiful and nourishing connection to their bodies, it changes their lives in such incredible ways. ~ Sonja Shradha Devi

This unique feminine rejuvenation retreat offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to saturate yourself with nourishment on all levels and learn the skills to continually cultivate your feminine radiance in your everyday life 


Perhaps like a lot of women you have been living in a masculine paradigm and have become disconnected to your body and your natural sensuality and enjoyment as a woman....

If you have been burning the candle on both ends, if you do not feel connected to your sensual nature, if you are too influenced by other people,  or you have become hardened and unable to surrender and open...

We will support you to release these old patterns and create nourishing life habits that you can stick to!

We are here to offer you all that you need to become the woman you know you were born to be; shining, fulfilled, self expressed and comfortable in your body and your sexuality.


Be held , be supported, be inspired       

  in beautiful Bali      

  1. You will have the opportunity to be supported and RECEIVE exactly what you need.
  2. You will Relax and rejuvenate and  be pampered in the beauty of Bali with delicious food, luxurious surroundings, massage and Bali's sacred temples and rivers to bathe in.
  3. You will be empowered with Ayurvedic and Tantric secrets for women's health and learn how to heal adrenal fatigue, low libido, vaginal numbness and low self confidence - so you come out of the week SHINING.

What People Are Saying About Our Retreats

John Doe UI/UX Designer

The week I spent with you Shradha and Christina at the Soma Shakti retreat was utterly transformational. I left feeling empowered, strong and beautiful. Thank you for creating such a safe, nurturing and open space for us all to blossom in."

Egg farmer and mum

My partner and I are having an awesome time since the retreat, I don't know how to thank you for the new path you've opened up for us.

Meg- Melbourne- Australia
Full time mum
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I am so grateful for the work Shradha is doing, this retreat has really helped me to open up and find my inner essence. I do the exercises I learnt every day and I can feel how I'm connecting with myself, bringing out my feminine. I can highly recommend this work to any woman who wants to feel more feminine and in tune with herself.

Raquel- London
Personal Trainer


Join us for this once in a lifetime experience in beautiful Bali
Would you like to speak to us about the retreat or would you like to discuss payment plan options?

Early Bird Price $1500 USD
  Early bird offer ends March 28th 2018

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Words of praise for this feminine work we are offering from past attendees..

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The space you provided was such a special one and I felt very safe (something that some workshops fail to provide). I felt very held and supported, so thank you greatly. It also felt connected to my femininity something which I’m seeking to improve. Words cannot express how this work has helped me to accept who I am!.”

Ann Hobbs
Empowerment Coach Bristol

“I felt a nurturing, safe space was created. I felt no pressure to be or do anything that I didn’t want to and very much accepted for who I am. This encouraged me to really enter into the spirit of celebrating Shakti and engaging in a playful and joyful way with my feminine power and sexuality. I love the simple yet powerful exercises that we did in and feel that a door was opened to further potential as to who I am and can be as a woman."

John Doe UI/UX Designer

So What Does the Retreat Include?

You might be wondering what exactly you'll be getting with your retreat? Here's all the details.

What's Included

  • Airport transfer to and from retreat, or pick up from Ubud hotel on 14/5 if you arrive earlier.
    We will offer two airport pick ups on the 14/5, there may be a small wait while other guests arrive.
  • 6 nights twin share accommodation in the gorgeous and peaceful Nirata Retreat centre.
  • All meals during the retreat from dinner 14/5 to breakfast 20/5 – we will cater for where possible specific dietary needs - please let us know.
  • Daily morning yoga and meditation
  • Daily movement/danceAyurvedic daily routines, practical guides to women’s health and well being
  • Ayurvedic cooking and food preparation classes
  • Visit and purification blessing by the water high priestess of Bali
  • The practice of silence after 10 pm up until breakfast each day, to help you to really drop into deep silence within.

Not Included

    • Airfares Meals and accommodation prior to 9/5 and after 15/5
    • Departure and arrivals tax (35$ USD)
    • Travel insurance
    • Massages – these are available through Nirata reception
    • Juices and drinks other than water/tea/coffee. We will provide coconut and chai daily.
    • Snacks between meals (please bring if you need!)

Shradha supports women and men to reclaim their embodied power & vitality and create
conscious & fulfilling intimate relationships.

Those who work with her frequently report that they have powerful transformational experiences
and feel loved, beautiful, alive, juicy, powerful and connected, fully, for the first time.

Based in Bali she travels the world offering powerful group rituals and Retreats, Intimacy workshops and private sessions and shares tools for next level self love, sexuality, embodiment & relationships in her
Blog, Videos, Free Webinars & Online Programs for women.

About Christina Covington

Christina Covington
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Counsellor, Healer
and Medicine Woman.

She is a successful business woman, mentor and mother of two. Passionate about encouraging the
embrace of life as a sensual, abundant activated queen.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



Not 100% sure this is right for you? 

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What kind of woman comes to these workshops?

  • We attract women searching for a more fulfilling experience of being a woman, women of all ages and colours and types.

Who benefits from these workshops?

  • Any women who experience any of the following will find the techniques we offer and the space we hold, valuable and probably life changing. Low energy, low confidence, numb sexual organs and/or inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual experiences and/or sexual trauma, PMS, menopausal symptoms, body image issues, a feeling of not feeling juicy, excited or inspired by life, lack of confidence, inability to access inner guidance or create healthy boundaries, difficulty in maintaining or attracting fulfilling relationships, difficulty in creating a happy healthy lifestyle.

Where are the workshops and retreats?

  • We select exquisite venues in quiet natural settings so that you may relax deeply from just the environment alone! We nearly always hold our workshops and retreats near a river, ocean or pool nearby to swim in and we seek to provide quality food and deep support in every way.

Who are the workshops and retreats for?

  • Our workshops and retreats are for any woman of any age ( we have attendees ranging from 17-70 years old!) and any level of experience. We welcome, and indeed LOVE, complete beginners, mums, grandmas, teenage girls and also women who feel like complete strangers to their femininity as well as seasoned goddesses who seek to fill up in a held space…. Basically, if you feel like you need this then this is for you!

What will I get?

  • You will get a place to rest, to rejuvenate, to learn, to heal, to thrive, to dance, to be loved, to shed layers, to weep, to sigh deeply and to laugh big belly laughs.

Will I have to take my clothes off around other people?

  • No, You will not have to do anything which you do not feel comfortable doing. All the practices are performed either fully clothed or with a sarong, at no time will there ever be any pressure for your to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with, every effort is made for you to feel safe, nourished and respected at all times.

Will it be challenging?

  • Probably there will be moments where you feel at the edge of your comfort zone, you will not be pressured past this but you will be encouraged to explore what is going on for you in the interests of taking you beyond your fears and into a place of ‘ok ness’ with the unknown.

What if I cannot afford it?

  • The costs of the workshop and retreats are investments in your greater well being. You are investing in a life changing and enhancing experience which is actually invaluable. We take pride in offering beautiful accommodation and venues and food and highly experienced facilitation, you will not be disappointed. However if the prices quoted are way beyond your budget then feel free to contact us ,if you feel deeply drawn to what we offer then we want to hear from you.
  • Most women are surprised to find just how healing and transformative gathering in sacred space with other women is.
  • The feminine techniques and practices we share guide women towards a deeper relationship with themselves, their femininity and the world around them.
  • Women leave our workshops and retreats shining and radiant and excited about their lives. This is why we are passionate about what we do, because we see that this work is powerful, bringing more love, acceptance, joy and pleasure into the lives of the women who come to work with us.